WordPress for Beginners Tutorial in 10 MINUTES • Beginners Guide To WordPress 2020 #wordpress

WordPress for Beginners Tutorial

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A WordPress beginners tutorial that doesn’t waste your time? It can’t be! But it is! I’ve got you covered with the simplest starting point for WordPress. Don’t keep scrolling for days, get out your notepad, sit back and enjoy my radio voice 😛 I’ve got you, reach out and hold my hand as I take you along your first steps of your WordPress training, can you feel that? It’s the force Rey! Enjoy the next 10mins as I cover the WordPress dashboard in the appropriate depth for your beginners journey, thanks for watching! Love, me…Ash.

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Ashley Ball

Ashley Ball

ICT Teacher | Business Owner | Web Designer | Self-Learner for all things tech-related. I'm committed to my professional development as an educator. I love writing, creating content and teaching self-learners.
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