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I jump around from resource to resource to stay entertained while learning.

Is that bad? No, we all learn differently.

As long as we don’t give up, all learning is good learning.

This is my current list of CyberSec courses/videos/books/CTF’s I’m keeping in order to stay focused.

Disclaimer, this is an ongoing list that I’ll update when I can. Bookmark if it’s useful and check the weekly newsletter for updates.

Core Computing Knowledge

To be proficient in the CyberSec game, a fundamental understanding of computers must be met.

Here’s the list I recommend:

  1. Roppers Academy – Introduction to Computing Fundamentals 100hr free
  2. Hack The Box Academy – Linux Fundamentals Module 15hr free
  3. Hack The Box Academy – Windows Fundamentals Module 15hr free
  4. Hack The Box Academy – Networking Fundamentals Module 15hr free
  5. TryHackMe – Complete Beginner Learning Path 50hr free/some costs
  6. Introduction To Computer Science CS50x 100hr free/cert costs

Optional Bounses

  1. Cisco Essentials
  2. Cybrary

Capture The Flags

  1. Roppers Academy – Introduction To Capture The Flags free
  2. OverTheWire Bandit free (my Bandit0-4 writeup)
  3. PicoCTF free (my General Skills writeup)
  4. CTFLearn free
  5. VulnHubs free

More I’m yet to try out:

  1. Hacker101
  2. PentesterLab

Programming/Penetration Testing

  1. Beginner Network Penetration Testing (2019) 15hr free
  2. Code Academy – Learn Python 2 free/cert costs


  1. Darknet Diaries
  2. NetworkChuck
  3. Discord/Slack Communities

I agree, this is a rough list, but I’ll pad it out overtime.

If you have any feedback, please send me a message @mrashleyball.

This is Day 5 of #100DaysOfHacking, subscribe to my weekly newsletter to see the learning journey!

Happy Hacking.

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Ashley Ball

Ashley Ball

Hi, I'm Ash. I'm a teacher, web designer and content creator from Australia. I like making things simple. I like staying connected, learning about design and being an entrepreneur. Subscribe for insights via my weekly newsletter.
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Weekly Newsletter

I love staying connected, learning about design and being an entrepreneur.

Weekly Newsletter

I love staying connected, learning about design and being an entrepreneur.

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