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Okay, I want to take a look at this app, and I thought it would sort of be fun to do it on a video, happyfiles.io, I just came across, I think through Facebook.

And I have not used this app before, but there was a lot of good comments around looking at the thumbnail for this video. I haven’t even watched this is it gives a new interface for WordPress for managing your media and your library.

That’s something that I’ve wanted in WordPress for a while. And I was sort of hoping that Elementor was going to bring that functionality.

And I don’t know why, it’s looking like this is a great option. So to get started, there is a completely free version, which is pretty cool. So that’s what I sort of want to get the hang of.

Cool. So it is on the repository. So let’s go over and this is my website, so I thought I’d just test it on a live website because I think it is going to be something that I actually use day to day. So, it looks like good, great reviews, regularly updated and tested, which is great.

Okay cool, so, I’ve downloaded happy files. So let’s go over to media and I assume that here we go. So, it keeps our WordPress database or table look over here and then I guess it gives us our file structure, which is really what I want. I want to be able to organize all my uploads for my images and stuff. So if I could make a category like a blog, can I make a subfolder under the blog? Can I get subfolder under?

So, if I had like all the images for one blog post, so like, I would just like post one. Yeah, awesome, that is literally perfect.

So, like for example, like all of these posts that were under this one, I assume I can just click and drag, and then they’re all in here. Yeah, nice.

This is very intuitive as a first time user, as you’re watching me use this, uno, first time, really easy to get the hang of it. Like, it’s so simple. I’m really liking this. So all files, uncategorized. So, I assume then that means I can, like, tag these, so if I want to search through, so that’s kind of cool. Yeah, cool.

I mean, this is all I wanted it for so it can do other things I don’t like what else to test just yet. But that’s a look at happy files which is like really good so far.

Um, let’s see if I can just find the settings for HappyFiles, see what else is in here. So category editing. Oh okay, cool, so you can limit to roles, that’s kind of nice. So I can use it for post types. Oh, OK, yeah, I get it. So we could have what, like our media, we could have the same thing for posts, for our blog post. And like, if we had custom posts, we could have the same interface just giving us a folder structure.

Um, that’s kind of nice. I actually would like that, just like I could have all of like categories in one folder, for example, or, you know, I blogged way more and had, you know, a certain campaign and like was a bunch of blogs for, you know, one campaign. I could have them all in a folder like that. Level of organization is something that I really like.

Okay so, I understand that now, but so far what I’m seeing, it’s super simple. Just for free, that just gives me foder organisation. I love that. I really, really like that, sir. I’m going to say HappyFiles is very worth installing. That was super easy. I’m going to use it more, and I might get the pro, I don’t know. I can see myself using this and on all my websites just just to make life that little bit easier.

That was a first impression of HappyFiles, like a really simple app. I thought there might be more to it, but it looks like it’s just really straightforward.

So, let me know what you think. Is it something that you’re going to use? I think it’s something that I’m going to use or I’d like to hear your opinions on it. Very cool. Talk to you in the next one.

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