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Do you play video games to the early morning? Struggle to get up the next day? And what about all the things you need to get done, have you started any of them? If you answered yes to all or any of these questions, Habitica can help.

Unfortunately, our default lazy attitude kicks in and we pick up a game or Netflix for the next 4+ hours. Playing games can be a massive problem for some and can become unbalanced or an addictive habit.

Staying on task is hard, I’ve tried different to-do apps and I’ve never found myself sticking to the them. I looked into Bullet Journaling but I’m definitely a digital guy. I even switched to Google’s G Suite for reminders but still, nothing helped me stay on task.

Enter Habitica, the balance between gaming and staying motivated in life. I’ve been using it for 6 months now and have never looked back. I love this platform so much and tell people all the time about it. If you struggle with staying on task and want to get your time back, here’s my Habitica Review.

Checkout Habitica here

What is Habitica?

The more real-life tasks you set and complete, the more you level up your in-game character. With experience, stats you gain rewards.

Habitica implements the basic, effort equals reward system, which promotes a productive lifestyle.

Setting goals and creating habits is enjoyable. Gaining an instant reward is satisfying, it fills the desire for achievement. Even though you’re completing tasks in real life, there’s not always a clear feeling of success.

Habitica has a lot of elements but the main five are as follows:

  1. Habits
  2. Dailies
  3. To-Do’s
  4. Rewards
  5. Character, Social and Inventory

Habits – Tracking Your Goals

Habits are more like trackers to me. Have you been eating healthy? Set a habit. Are you sticking to your gym routine? Habit.

I’ve haven’t developed habits with this feature and to me, it’s tracking how well I’m going with set goals. For instance,

I’ve set a goal of eating Gluten Free with more vegetables. Every day I’ll think back to my meals then add a plus or minus depending on how well I did that day.

I set my Habits to reset monthly as I want a longer sense of responsibility. Hitting a streak with Habits is engaging, it creates a sense of responsibility that I don’t want to break.

Dailies – Routine Your Life

I use Dailies more like a repeatable set of tasks, in other words, a routine. You might have an ‘end of work’ routine or ‘when I wake up’ routine, set a daily for these.

For me, I have a set morning and nightly routine. Wake up, protein drink, reading etc. I use routines to create habits which works well for me. Every day I’ll start with Habitica to kick my mind into gear of what I need to do, after that initial open, my mind’s on track. My nightly routine is the same with a clear digital clutter/wind down time. I recommend using Habitica with digital wellbeing (Android) and screen time (iOS).

I make my dailies/routines easily achievable, why? Because starting new habits and sticking to them is difficult. Making them easy to start and follow isn’t a cheap trick, it’s actually a proven method to be more productive.

To-Dos – Your Tasks

Your to-do list, your ‘must finish’ tasks, everything you need to get done, put in your to-dos. This feature I use as intended, for once.

I use to-dos as motivation to get things done and as a visual aid to help me process tasks. Ordering tasks is difficult, in Habitica I can order tasks from ‘most important’ to ‘I can put that off’. This helps me to prioritise throughout my day.

Leaving tasks unfinished can be frustrating, it’s a sense of digital clutter, which I hate!

Rewards – The Feel Goods

The feeling of accomplishment, the “I’ve finished everything” moment, ahh your well-deserved reward.

Rewards in Habitica are all about positive reinforcement. Sticking to your habits, completing your daily routine and checking off your tasks all add up.

When you check off an item you’ll receive an amount of the following four aspects

  1. Experience
  2. Gold
  3. Mana
  4. Damage

Experience relates to your overall commitment to finishing tasks and staying motivated. You’ll be able to level up your character and unlock new items.

Gold is an in-game currency which lets your purchase gear and other items. You can head into the shop to spend your hard earned rewards.

Mana is used on class-based skills. Skills range from dealing more damage to dodging damage.

Damage is based on your strength stat. It equals the total amount of injury you’ll cause any monsters you’re battling.

The reward section in Habitica shows apparel and weapons you can purchase with gold. You can even set your own rewards. So say you want to play a video game or watch a movie, but you needed to finish a tone of work. You could set a ‘have a break’ reward and after checking off all your work tasks, buy your reward.

Character, Social & Inventory

There’s even more features in Habitica, too many to cover. Here are a few more worth noting.

  1. Character
  2. Social
  3. Inventory

Your Character is a tiny pixelated avatar. You can change basic appearance from body size to hair colour. Purchasing equipment and styling your character is a great addition. Along with building up stats in Strength, Intelligence, Constitution and Perception. When you reach level 10 you’re able to choose one class; Warrior, Mage, Healer or Rouge. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, so pick which one suits your game style.

The Social mechanics in Habitica encourage fun gameplay and interaction. The Tavern is like the helpful town-local who has all the answers in the form of links to the Fandom platform. Also, there’s a chat area to engage with all Habiticans. You’re able to set up a Party by adding friends and going on quests together. Quests are awesome! Complete real-life tasks and stack damage, then attack monsters for massive rewards. Habitica has Guilds which allow you to find other members with similar interests. Also, community challenges which are pre-made dailies, habits and to-dos. Challenges are themed like “read more books” or “do more housework”.

The Inventory has your equipment and avatar options, so if you want to change your character’s appearance, it’s all there. Along with the Shop where you can purchase more items and see your inventory. There’s also the Stable, finding & hatching eggs to get beasts such as bears or dragons is fun!

See all the features here

Why Use Habitica?

There’s a lot of healthy reasons to use Habitica along with it being fun. I’ve found this app helps with being more aware of real-world tasks and prioritising your time.
Here are three areas why you should use Habitica:

  1. Video game addiction
  2. Wasting time and laziness
  3. Self-worth and positive thinking

Video Game Addiction

Talking from personal experience, video game addiction can be harmful.
My brother and I grew up playing video games, I still do on occasion. There’s nothing wrong with video games, heck Habitica is like a game. It’s the addiction that’s the problem.

Playing high amounts of video games can become dangerous. This is where I see the most damage, choosing screen time over real life. It can lead to depression and extreme challenges with decision making and social interaction. Because someone plays video games a lot, does not mean they’re depressed. Yet, there are clear links which shouldn’t be ignored.

Habitica helps with video game addiction. It works well as it’s not a jarring experience moving to the platform for someone who plays games. There’s a sense of familiarity that’s comfortable and has an ease-of-use. So if you play a lot of video games, I recommend giving Habitica a go.

Wasting Time & Laziness

Whatever goals you have in life, it all revolves around how productive you are with your time.
Take the internet for example. Years of knowledge at our fingertips, e-learning courses for new skills and the ability to contact incredible people. How do we use the internet? Majority of us waste our time sending memes.

How we use our time is so important, Habitica can help with using time wisely. No one can be productive 100% of the time, we all need breaks and time off. But the time we have to focus and achieve results can be supported with Habitica.

Self-Worth & Positive Thinking

Feeling confident is not natural for a lot of people. Often anxiety holds people back and excelling in life.

In my experience, Habitica has helped me in this area. It’s filled a gap in my ability to be productive that’s added to positive thinking. I recommend giving it a go if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Is Habitica Worth It?

It’s no surprise but yes, Habitica is worth your time. I’ve focused on all the features and results that I’ve found to be so helpful in my life. I admit, it’s not for everyone, but if my fiancee can try it and has found value, you can too.

I haven’t even mentioned the price, it’s completely free to use. They have gems that give you in-game currency and the ability to purchase more premium items. But there is no trial or no pay-wall that will stop you from playing.

The value Habitica brings is massive and well worth using. I’ve gained more time and productivity with Habitica than I would have otherwise.

Checkout Habitica here

If you’re curious, I recommend you download and try for yourself.
– Ash

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