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Educating the local community in technology is always a positive! The Get Online Queensland Mentorship Program is doing exactly that. Over the break, I decided to give my time to someone who needed it.

What is the GetOnlineQld program?

This initiative is aimed to build the digital skills and confidence of Queenslanders to use technology. Also to celebrate the stories and activities of Community Digital Champions to inspire others to embrace technology.

Who is the GetOnlineQld program for?

Designed to help people who are excluded from learning technology. This may be elderly members of the community, low-income earners or anyone else who does not have easy access to computers. For more information visit the learner’s page.

My experience volunteering with GetOnlineQld

On the 9th of July 2019, I volunteered as a mentor in a GetOnlineQLD session. I was greeted to a well-organised group eager to learn. One of the event organisers Greg Schossow gave me the full rundown of the program and what I could expect. I received a mentor binder with all the necessary information before beginning the session. Check out my profile page on the website.

Why volunteer in the GetOnlineQld program?

There’s great value in this initiative for both mentors and learners. For learners is a free, safe space to understand an ever-changing industry that never stops. For mentors it’s a chance to give back to the community, to join a growing network and to access great resources and tools. The community has whole benefits with well-equipped members of society ready for the technological boom!

If you’re interested in helping out the community and volunteering, go to the getonlineqld volunteer page and sign up. Developing our community to be more digitally-minded is needed today. This program is all about sharing knowledge and stories to inspire and assist growth. See the QLD initiatives page for more information.

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Ashley Ball

Ashley Ball

ICT Teacher | Business Owner | Web Designer | Self-Learner for all things tech-related. I'm committed to my professional development as an educator. I love writing, creating content and teaching self-learners.
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Want to work together? Download my guide to find out the process.

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