How To Create Custom Tabs in Elementor & WordPress

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Welcome. We are going to be making a custom tab, advanced Elementor widget, and to do that, I have gone to my dashboard and I’m going to go to new pages and I’m going to get a new page up and running. OK, so I’m just going to call this test page. You can appropriately […]

Elementor 3.0 Update Walkthrough

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Already, so today we’re going to take a look at Elementor 3.0, so this new update brings a lot of cool new features to Elementor, which I’m pretty excited to go over. So a couple of the big things, the Elementor 3.0 is bringing out the sort of the new design system. So the first […]

Standard vs High Frequency – Cloudways Vultr Comparison

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So you’re thinking of changing to the new High-Frequency servers from Vultr that Cloudways has just released? Or at the very least you’re interested in how they perform, me too. I thought I’d conduct a little experiment to see the results for myself, a classic head to head competition style situation. Cloudways is an incredible […]