4 Ways to Increase Conversions with Talia Wolf

Hello, friend, the latest Elementor webinar is available! Hooray! Ben Pines invited Talia Wolf to talk about Boosting Conversions with Emotions. It’s full of actionable knowledge bombs! And this is the quick & easy way to catch up to read the highlights. 1. Meet Talia Wolf First of all, introductions out of the way, who […]

How To Create Custom Tabs in Elementor & WordPress

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Welcome. We are going to be making a custom tab, advanced Elementor widget, and to do that, I have gone to my dashboard and I’m going to go to new pages and I’m going to get a new page up and running. OK, so I’m just going to call this test page. You can appropriately […]

How To Be A Freelance Web Designer

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There’s a lot of pathways to get into freelancing, as a freelance web designer it’s difficult to decide where to even start. The last five years have been a real learning journey for me and I started in a partnership, I freelanced by myself and then went into a company arrangement… and now back to […]

HappyFiles.io First Impressions

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Okay, I want to take a look at this app, and I thought it would sort of be fun to do it on a video, happyfiles.io, I just came across, I think through Facebook. And I have not used this app before, but there was a lot of good comments around looking at the thumbnail […]

Elementor 3.0 Update Walkthrough

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Already, so today we’re going to take a look at Elementor 3.0, so this new update brings a lot of cool new features to Elementor, which I’m pretty excited to go over. So a couple of the big things, the Elementor 3.0 is bringing out the sort of the new design system. So the first […]

Standard vs High Frequency – Cloudways Vultr Comparison

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So you’re thinking of changing to the new High-Frequency servers from Vultr that Cloudways has just released? Or at the very least you’re interested in how they perform, me too. I thought I’d conduct a little experiment to see the results for myself, a classic head to head competition style situation. Cloudways is an incredible […]

Hiring a Freelance Web Designer – A Guide for Small Business Owners

The search begins, a man’s lost at sea and it’s your job to command the search party. You have little key information and this is your first time in this position. What do you do? You might go out alone, ignore the resources you have at your disposal and begin swimming. Would that be the […]