My Story In Teaching and Business

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The Idea.

Helping self-learners simplify business, technology & design.

- Mr Ashley Ball
My Focus.
  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Strategy
Web Design
  • Technology
  • Software
  • Inspiration
  • Teaching
  • Development
  • Lifestyle
My Goals.
For You.

Articles – Creating regular content that adds value

Q&A’s – I’m happy to help out anyone by answering questions via email

Reactive Content – I want to find people who are going through similar experiences so I can create articles around them

For Me.

Writing Skills – Literacy skills like spelling & grammar have always haunted me! – It’s time I fix it…

Creative Challenges – I want every article to be unique in some way, not sure how, but I’ll figure it out.

Learning Application – While I’m learning new skills I want to share it. It’ll help me more than anyone to be honest.

My History.





Sole Trader






Read More May 02, 2018
My Experience.
Small Business
Web Design
Search Engine Optimisation
Social Media
My Mission.
To Simplify Business & Web Design for Self-Learners

Born & raised in Queensland, Australia where I grew up loving video games which lead me to building my own computers & discovering the vast ever-changing world of technology.

While at High School I began studying IT which lead to falling in love with web design, not only the creative aspect but I was fascinated by code. This lead to my further study’s in web technology which would be the start of my professional journey.

At the time, business was the last thing on my mind, instead I spent all my energy on traveling adventures with my family, which was amazing, I’ve always got travelling on the horizon. New York, Singapore, New Zealand are a few of the places we’ve visited.

Then business entered, first up was a partnership, a digital design & marketing duo, I learnt a lot of valuable lessons from that journey, a lot. After that I went solo & began trading as a freelance style business, things really picked up & I started making really great connections.

All that networking led to passing around regular work to other small businesses, so we all joined forces to form our own super group. Then we made it official and we started our first company together as a full-fledge digital media marketing agency.

Along this business journey, a teaching position back where I studied IT opened up. I got qualified to teach which led me to now talking IT & business to students, sharing my experiences and teaching curriculum.

Now I’m teaching part-time, balancing my duties in the business, keeping up with my own professional development, and of course my own personal responsibilities, it all keeps me pretty busy. Which leads me to this space.

This website is as much personal as it is professional, a combination of my experiences, skills & stories. It’s to benefit others from my own mistakes and to help myself apply what I’ve learnt and continue to learn.

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