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IT teacher, former web designer, learning #cybersec • Road to #100DaysOfHacking

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Learn about design, web tech and cyber security.

" I'm so happy with the end result! I love sharing my website with my leads & clients... I can't recommend Ash enough! "


T Candle Co

Hand-made candles that are eco friendly with unique local scents.

🔗 tcandleco.com

For The Loveee of Flowers

Local Florist delivering beautiful weddings & events on the Sunshine Coast.

🔗 fortheloveeeofflowers.com

Focus Media Film

Videography business specailsing in weddings, fitness & business portfolios.

🔗 focusmediafilm.com

LaVienna Photography

Photography focusing on portraits & capturing interment moments.

🔗 laviennaphotography.com

Shar Teaches

Mobile Tutoring Service assisting students with english, maths & music lessons.

🔗 sharteaches.com.au

" Ashley recently created a website for my photography business and I am absolutely amazed!!! "


Work Experience

Freelance Web Designer

+ Founder
2015 - Current

Eudomia Group & Marketing Broker

+ Co-Founder + IT Director
2017 - 2020


Impact Training

+ Cert IV: Training & Assessing


+ Cert IV: Web Technology


+ Cert III: Digital Media & Technology



+ Web Design
+ UI/UX Design
+ Visual Design
+ Wireframing
+ Prototyping


+ Visual Development
+ Elementor Development
+ Front-End Development
+ No-Code Solutions

Online Courses


+ Paul Jarvis' Freelancer Master Class

La Trobe

+ Leadership ProDev Program


+ Elementor
+ WordPress
+ Figma
+ Affinity Designer & Photo
+ Notion
+ Whimsical
+ Visual Studio Code
+ Davinci Resolve

Volunteer Work


+ GetOnlineQld
2019 - Current

" I am so thankful to Mr Ashley for designing my website for T Candle Co. He not only took my current business needs into account but my future vision for it and created a website that helps my clients "

+ About Me

Who am I?

My name is Ashley Ball, and I’m a teacher/web designer based in Queensland Australia. Currently, studying & teaching Digital Media Technology while managing my responsibilities within Marketing Broker Australia.

What do I do?

I use research, planning, wire framing & design to craft custom experiences for business owners and their ideal user. Focusing on no-code tools like Figma & Elementor to achieve positive interactions and higher conversions. Email me for a chat to see how we can work together.

What am I passionate about?

Recently I’ve discovered my love of learning, which manifests through both my current job of teaching and also writing, recording and creating content for my blog and YouTube Channel. I focus on web design content for other web designers and DIY business owners.

Monthly Newsletter

Learn about design, web tech and cyber security.

" ...I’ve had countless positive comments from people who have seen my website... I highly recommend Ashley to develop your potential website. You will have no regrets!! "
" Professional is an understatement! Mr Ashley, takes it to a whole new level and I have the best dam website going around! "

Monthly Newsletter

Learn about design, web tech and cyber security.

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